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Sensual and Intimate Touch That Heals the Body

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Massage will make you feel as if you are in a trance, where boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.
Here is a bit of information on my massage.
Massage is perhaps the oldest and simplest of all medical treatments. In traditional cultures, especially in the East, it is accepted as natural that people of all ages can benefit from regular massage. But here in the West, though its value has always been recognized in the world of sports, its use has only quite recently spread to other fields. All too often, we tend to be afraid to touch one another. Yet increasingly, research is proving the extraordinary effectiveness of touch and touch is the core of massage. In recent survey, the simple act of massage was shown to have improved patients' moral, and hastened their rate of recovery. I have found this to be true in my own work. For massage, is one discovers during its practice, is not only physical. It contains much of psychology. Understanding of the person under your hands develops through empathy. As every good therapist in the field knows, this rooted in the inward resolution. " I am here to help." One unique advantage is that massage is as pleasant to give as it is to receive. It has been scientifically established that stroking a household pet has a relaxing effect and lowers one's blood pressure. Stroking people does the same. Massage can be stimulating or soothing, depending upon the speed and depth of the strokes. This is why it can make a person feel alert and relieve tension, soothe away headaches, relax taut and aching muscles and banish insomnia. Above all, it can provide a context for recovery by inducing a sense of wellbeing. Many of my clients are sure that the pleasure it give is therapeutic in itself. Remember, life may take it out of you., but massage can put it back.

February 22
Hi, Jim:
Thank you for my session yesterday. As always, it was absolutely amazing. You are so gifted. I was under the impression you were not available this evening at all, so I made dinner plans with my colleagues. I am kicking myself right now! I will definitely be in touch on my next trip in. Again -- thank you, thank you, thank you. Davd
January 8
Hi Jim,
I just wanted to tell you happy new year, hope 2014 is a great year for you. You are one of the best things that happened to me. I did not do much celebrating last night. Kept it low key. Will write and get another appointment set. Maybe one of the next 2 thursdays.

January 14th,
I can't tell you how great I feel. So relaxed yet ready to go. your touch is incredible. You made me feel very special. I hope to see you again soon

May 5,
Hey Jim,
YOU were wonderful... had I any free time, I would have been back to see you. Your a beautiful man.
Thank you. I'll be in touch on my next trip!

May 5,
Hey, just wanted to thank you for the awesome massage. It felt so good and I really enjoyed feeling your body against me. I loved it when you crawled onto the table and used your chin and other body parts to massage me. I loved feeling you slide your body on me. Mmmmm, that has left lasting memories.... I'll definitely have to try that again.
Many Thanks,

April 20,
Just wanted to say thank you again for Monday evening. I felt so much better and more relaxed after I left. You have a tremendous touch, and I value you greatly!
December 9,
I just wanted to thank you for the ultimate experience today. It was totaly awesome {all of it } Take this as a real compliment. So we will see you right after Christmas.
November 24,
Thanks for your consideration....I felt like I wanted to make the experience more enjoyable for you. You put so much into it....I sure enjoyed the was intense and fantastic....I have been to at least 6 masseurs in the Twin Cities...and am not pulling any are the best I have addition your cleansing process was so refreshing...not what I expected...I extremely enjoyed myself and will be back to see you again...I can't imagine going anywhere were so warm
Thanks again....have a great Thanksgiving! Jim
September 4,
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the experience. The massage was top notch. But the entire experience was far more than I expected. I left your home feeling new. The cleansing experience was exceptional. I truly enjoyed you and the experience. I hope we can do this again. Soon!
September 8
Hi Jim,
I loved everything about the massage! I had never been "washed" so thoroughly. My skin feels great. You are definitely the strongest masseur I've experienced and I like that strong presence you convey. I felt totally safe and very comfortable with you. I look forward to my next appointment. I may only be able to do this every other month but I may find some extra cash to see you more often.
You are a great gift.
Peace, Eric

July 28th
Bud, every time I see you I go home a new man. You seem like a quite not real talkative guy. Please permit me to air something. Your massages are the closest contact I have had with a man. I am very comfortable around you even though I have only seen you twice. On a sexual level, you are hot ! I am putty in your hands, whew! You leave me weak, man. I can tell by your massages you are loving, compassionate and sexy man.;you are great.! I leave relaxed and my muscles are way less tight after seeing you (damn you are nice). My whole body quivered. Jesus, your partner is one luck man if he benefits the same as I do from your touch. What a lucky man he is! I look forward to future massages with you. Please let me know if you have any evenings. Peace, Love and Happiness,
March 27th,
Thanks for the awesome experience yesterday! It was just what "the doctor ordered". I couldn't have had a better way to prepare myself for the presentation I had to make last night. It went very well! I was relaxed, calm and basking in the afterglow. What a great space to be! I look forward to see you again, soon. I will be in St.Paul next week as well. I don't know my schedule yet, but if it can work, I'll drop you a line!
January 4,
Morning Jim:
This morning as I was showering, I realized that it has been a week since my incredible experience with you. As I thought more about it, it seems like it has been longer than a week. Has anyone ever told you that you might be habit forming? As I continued my shower, I relived that wonderful massage in my mind. I am amazed at how much energy you put into the massage. You must be exhausted by the end of a day. Do you schedule more than one a day? No wonder you are in such great shape. My only remorse was that the entire session was so "me" oriented. I now feel guilty that you did so much work and I gave pretty much nothing in return. I was also disappointed that I could not visual you from the massage. The lighting being so dark is great for relaxation, but I feel like a blind man with regards to your hot body. I'm sure you get fan mail like this all the time. It is amazing your partner does not object to your work, because you certainly are passionate about it. It would make the average person at least a little jealous. If I could afford it, I'd make this a weekly luxury for me, but alas, I will have to restrain my lust to a more affordable give frequent flyer miles???? (lol). I'd enjoy chatting with you sometime if you are available.....actually would like to do more, but...... Trev
March 31,
Just a quick note to say thanks for the body work last week. My body is feeling better than it has in a long time. There is no more stress!!! Hope to get together again soon, doug

March 30,
Thanks for yesterday's session You gave a terrific massage. Quite different than any that I have received before, as you promised. It was relaxing, intriguing, and pleasurable. Exactly what I needed. I look forward to another time again soon. Perhaps even a longer session next time. Terry

March 6,
Hey Jim This is Greg
I was at your house yesterday for a massage. I just have to tell you it is the best massage I have ever had . I actually slept all night last night last night which I don't think I have done in about three years. I am looking foward in getting another one. I want set up another time to come out. Again thank you so much Greg
March 7,
Jim I would be remiss if I didn't drop a line thanking your for the "wonderful", "amazing", "awesome" and intoxication experience I had with you last Wednesday. You approach and touch is inviting and exhilarating, yet relaxing and soothing! I wasn't kidding when I said that a significant benefit in coming to the Twin Cities on business is being able to spend time with you for massage. Thank you. Stay in touch and be well. Thanks again! Daniel
November 13,
Hey Jim Anyone would be out their right mind if they failed to follow-up in thanking you for a wonderful, relaxing and intoxicating experience! After having experienced massage treatments accorss the world, literally in over 16 different countries, none have been as been as fulfilling and comfortable as yours. You have created a massages experience that captures the soul. All of the associated elements including the heated table, darken room, warm oil, exquisite music and the "to die for" physical contact makes it a peak experience! Thank you.Dan
November 13,
Jim: Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for this morning. I really appreciate you taking the time for me today - I can't even begin to tell you how much it helped. I needed a massage so badly and once it was over and I got back to the office I was so relaxed that I took a nap and just work up at 4:00 p.m. I feel great and mentally I know I will face the new tests and I will win - damn it I am going to win this thing. I can only feel that way because of you. You have no idea what you do for me. No idea at all. But I meant it today when I said I would give up my cardiologists before I would give up you. I can always find another doc but I am not too sure there are a lot of you out there. Terry
March 28,
Jim I just saw my Primary Doctor yesterday. He asked me "what happened to you?"and I told him about you and how great you have made me feel and sleep. Thought it was more than necessary to let you know that yesterday's session was unbelievable. I wanted to watch the Gopher BB game which was on a 6 and before it was over I fell asleep. Jim, you have no idea what this is like. I have not slept literally at all since my bypass and all the pills. I took NO sleeping pills last night - nothing but the relaxation from the massage. The fact that I slept 12 hours in itself it pretty good, but the fact that I slept 12 hours and feel FANTASTIC is so unbelievable that I was beginning to think that it could never happen.
December 27,
What can I say but that you are my kind of fantasy. I kept thinking of how your touch was like that of a God-- you are so my kind of guy. I didn't dare ask for more either as I know you are a professional. It was with a great deal of reluctance that I left that space that you transported me to. Life has a curious way of showing us a new path, and I genuinely feel that meeting you was part of life's plan. Now more than ever I am convinced that returning to Minnesota is in the cards for me. I will take the Sunday appt. I think I would like my back waxed, and the front "trimmed". I am also inclined to get another massage if you have the time?
Hugs, Mark
I thought our session was terrific. I was astonished how enduring it was (and felt).. I left your place and felt about 10 feet off the ground. I am already looking forward to my next visit. I love how you used your chin to work my entire body- it was thrilling. Seriously, it was an experience that I have never had, and I've been to many different massage sessions. It was wonderful. Matt

All afternoon and continuing through the present moment I have been feeling a kind of warm glow and a sense of relaxed well-being.I slept really well last night, going to bed earlier and sleeping longer than usual. I just got home after the most amazing day. Work was stop and go chaos as usual, but I was extremely focused and productive and cheerful. I started at 8AM and it wasn't until someone asked if I were going to lunch about noon that I realized how fast the time flew by. The afternoon was much the same. I'm curious to see how long this will last. Thanks again. You have the magic touch. Thank you again. I will be back for more.
Just out of curiosity, has any client ever proposed marriage after you've massaged them?
I really enjoyed meeting you and the massage. You seemed to know exactly what I wanted. It was great! Hope I can do it again. Thanks. Take care. Bob
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. The next time, I will schedule time off after the massage. I had to go right into a rehearsal. You were great. Michael
Hi Jim:
I thoroughly enjoyed such a pleasurable and short hour with you and under your expert hands, mind and spirit. You are truly a talented guy and there is no question that I will return numerous times to benefit from your talents as well as refer others to you. Wishing you all the best, Jack
Dear Jim,
Just a thank you note for the wonderful massage last night. It was a wonderful experience and I want to say I really appreciate how expert you are . My body today is echoing and carrying the benefits of it all. I hope I can schedule another session with you later this week. Warm Regards, Hunter Cody
Hello Jim,
Its been nearly a week since the last massage and wanted to say thanks again. I thought about the notion of a "trance" and connection with some very basic drives and experiences. I appreciate the feelings and freedom of exploring those inner boundaries. I feel safe and connected and your attention is amazing. I also find the experience wonderfully subconscience. Thanks for your presense. Take care, Jay
Hi Jim
It was nice meeting you also. My massage was a little bit of heaven on earth. You had me so far gone, it was great. I was like butter I tell you. I also slept well and did not want to get out of bed the next morning. My skin is somewhat sensative and there may have been something in the potion you used to remove the oil towards the end of our session that my skin reacted to just a bit, but other than that, fabulous massage! I'm already looking forward to my next massage. Thanks Dave
I am sitting here, freshly showered, the house is quiet and I have a cat on my lap (she's 23 years old) and feel oh, so good. Thanks to you. I don't know when I have felt so completely enveloped, warm, cared for and stimulated (simultaneously!). You gave a lot and I wanted to say that it is appreciated and felt. Your chin works and your presence on the table were remarkable experiences. On the verge of being overwhelmed, I am sure that I missed much of the sublty of your touch and technique. All the more reason to return. I am looking forward to another massage soon. I will call. Thanks again and take care! John
Hi Jim,
Thank you for the massage. It was nice to meet you too. You made me feel very comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised at your attention to detail and the extra care you gave to removing the oil and lotion from me at the last. That was almost as good as the massage itself. I will recommend you to folks when I have a chance - you do a really great massage. I look forward to next time... Bill
It was great on Wednesday afternoon. Your the best. Dennis
Once again, thanks for a nice night. The massage was great, the conversation was wonderful. It's nice getting to know you. Jerry
Hi Jim
THANK YOU for last night. It was wonderful and it did help a lot! I enjoyed it immensely!! And once again - Thank you so much for the wonderful massage! I can't wait until the next time! Have a Great Day! Greg
Thank you very much for your excellent service and technique, yesturday afternoon. I've had many massages from several different people, but yours was by far the best and most relaxing. It really helped relive the stress that I had built up, and i thank you for it. I'm thinking I would like to try to do this maybe twice a month. For a while, because it's affordable and relaxing. You really do know what you are doing, you are exceptional, and worth repeating. Anyway. I'm sure I'll be in touch. Than you again, and have a pleasent day. Sincerely, Jonathan
Thanks for the wonderful massage on Tuesday. I continue to be struck by your energy, your ability to give and sense of caring. Besides the physical attention (which is remarkable) you do have an empathic connection, which certainly engenders my trust and appreciation. Hope your travels are safe and hope to see you soon. John
I would enjoy receiving another massage from you when you have an opening! Always found you to give an excellent massage and not at all bad to look at either..grin. Steve
Thanks for a great massage, Jim
You've got to have the strongest chin in the world, and you certainly made me a believer in your promotion of touching. Though you certainly are nice to look at, I most appreciated the sense of confidence and trust you have. I'll bet you have great friends. Thanks again. Jerry

It helped my ride back for sure and I'm sure the benefits will last the week, and the memory, whew! Spoiled me for anything else--even this 4" of rain couldn't wash that away! Thanks again...JB

Hey, Jim
I really enjoyed the massage on Saturday. You seem to know just the right amount of pressure to use to make the session work. I would love to book another appointment. Is there a chance you could do about 8:15 or 8:30 on Wednesday? Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Gary

Thanks for fitting me in today. It was just what I needed in terms of de-stressing. Your touch is so wonderfully relaxing. I totally enjoyed the entire experience, and would love to come back for a repeat on a regular basis. Your touch was so comforting and attentive, my whole body was enjoying the sensation of the touch, the aroma, the dimmed lighting, the music, the warmth. You create an extremely comfortable environment, and must find that many people react as I did. Everyone I encountered at the gym, and in the rest of my day, is bound to be having a better day for my having met you and experienced your touch. I am sure I was easier to deal with and more peaceful in mind and spirit due to the relaxation I was, and still am, feeling. I thank you. Thanks again. I did not expect a "massage" to have such an impact on my attitude, or on the rest of my day. You touched more than my body, you touched my spirit. Thanks. Chris
Wow...the chin works wonders and your presence on the table was a remarkable experiences. I am on the verge of being overwhelmed, I am sure that I missed much of the sublty of your touch and technique. All the more reason to return. I am looking forward to another massage soon. I will call. Thanks again and take care! John
Hi Jim,
Thank you for the massage. It was nice to meet you too. You made me feel very comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised at your attention to detail and the extra care you gave to removing the oil and lotion from me at the last. That was almost as good as the massage itself. I will recommend you to folks when I have a chance - you do a really great massage. I look forward to next time... Bill